The colours. The people. The vibe.
Live in the White City on a street that
is typically Tel Aviv.

Introducing Sheinkin 40 – a new build
boutique project in the heart of Sheinkin
Street which offers you a magical living
experience within walking distance from
the best of everything that Tel Aviv has
to offer.

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A new build 6-storey boutique project
that includes 18 luxury apartments with
private underground parking spaces

3, 4 & 5 room apartments
and a breathtaking penthouse
with a huge terrace and a private pool

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Sheinkin Street is one of the first
streets of Tel Aviv. It was founded by
Menachem Sheinkin in 1913.

The street is located in the historical city
center of Tel Aviv - also called The
White City - which has been
recognised as a UNESCO World
Heritage area. Many historical and
original buildings in the street are
already being restored.
Sheinkin Street is deeply rooted in the
Israeli culture and it is mentioned in
many movies and songs.
In 2011, the Municipality of Tel Aviv
renovated the street including renewing
the boardwalk, improving the
infrastructure and introducing bicycle
lanes along the entire street.

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What else can be said
about Sheinkin Street?

Sheinkin Street is as Tel Aviv as it gets.
Our Sheinkin 40 Project provides you with
a rare opportunity to live on a street
where there is always something to see and
discover. There are boutique shops,
many cafes and restaurants as well
as the lovely Sheinkin garden.
All that is left for you to do
is just go outside your apartment
and feel the atmosphere.

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תמונת פרופיל של יניב פרדו

“For this special project in the heart
of Tel Aviv – the White City – I tried
to plan a new building based on the
planning principles that were
traditionally used in this part of Tel
Aviv while still seeking to create a
contemporary and innovative design.
After many discussions and in
cooperation with the municipality’s
planning department and the city
architect, we succeeded in gaining
approval for a design which features
the special characteristics that will be
used in the facade of the building.

The idea was to pay tribute to the
international Bauhaus style characteristic
of the buildings of the White City under
the UNESCO declaration and give it a
modern interpretation:
A “white box” that maintains a balanced
ratio between open and closed, long and
horizontal windows, half balconies and
lines that characterize the international
style and fit the special location in
Sheinkin Street.

I am proud to be a partner in this project
that contributes to the restoration of
Sheinkin Street to its original splendor.”

Architect Yaniv Pardo, Yaniv Pardo Architects

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Sheinkin 40 is a result of a close partnership between two companies –
Yuvaley Tel Aviv Investment Management & Promotion and Infodora Management Ltd

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